What's Happening

Singapore Citizenship Journey

The SCJ helps enrich new citizens’ understanding of Singapore’s history, nationhood, norms, as well as values, and provides opportunities to build stronger ties with their local community.

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Community Integration Fund

The CIF supports ground-up projects that create opportunities for locals and foreigners to meet and better understand each other, and that help newcomers better adapt to Singapore society

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Who We Are

Who We Are

The NIC, chaired by the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, comprises leaders from the people, private, and public sectors, and drives national social integration efforts. 

Encouraging integration through ground-up activities

What We Do

We encourage and support ground-up integration initiatives to facilitate social interactions between Singaporeans and newcomers, and raise awareness of Singapore society, norms, and values.

A strong and cohesive Singapore society

Our Purpose

With the involvement of individuals, communities, and organisations across whole of society, we strive towards a strong and cohesive Singapore that we are proud to call home.

Last updated on 28 December 2020