Citizenship Ceremonies

New citizens taking the National Pledge at a citizenship ceremony.


GRC-Level Citizenship Ceremonies

The GRC-level Citizenship Ceremonies (GCCs) are organised by the People’s Association and conducted at the GRC level on a quarterly basis. Organised at the local community level, the GCCs allow community and grassroots leaders to formally welcome new citizens to their new home. New citizens will receive their pink NRICs and citizenship certificates from the Guest-of-Honour, usually one of the Advisers in the GRC, as well as recite the pledge and sing the national anthem with fellow citizens.  Other activities, showcasing Singapore’s rich culture and opportunities for community involvement and volunteerism, may also be featured.   

National Citizenship Ceremony

The National Citizenship Ceremony

Every year, the National Citizenship Ceremony (NCC) is held in August in conjunction with the National Day celebrations to mark the significance and privilege of citizenship. First organised in 2007, the NCC provides a national platform where new citizens receive their pink NRICs and citizenship certificates, and where they can commit themselves to a shared future with fellow Singaporeans. The NCC is organised by the People’s Association, with the support of the National Integration Council.

The NCC honours are rotated among the GRCs every year. While the quarterly GCCs celebrate the significance and privilege of citizenship at a local community level, the annual NCC highlights the message at the national level. 
Last updated on 02 August 2018