Non-profit organisations Voices of Singapore HealthServe collaborated on ‘A World Together SG’, a music video of ‘If We Hold On Together’ originally sung by Diana Ross, to showcase the voices of the migrant worker community accompanied by a 180-strong virtual choir from the Voices of Singapore Children’s Choir, the HealthServe team, and healthcare workers.

Featuring children as the voices of the next generation, the video weaves in conversations with the migrant community through the lens of the child and provides an opportunity for the community to share their personal stories.

In less than 2 weeks after its launch video saw more than 16,000 shares, and spread the message of shared humanity and appreciation to more than 187,000 viewers across various platforms. A viewer on YouTube commented, “It’s absolutely amazing to see how children show us adults the way to look differently without any bias, any race, any motives... Hope we continue to learn and treat everyone as equal and with compassion."

Through this project, the organising team hopes to inspire a shift in mindsets and attitudes towards greater compassion, kindness, and genuine integration of foreigners into Singapore society. The Artistic Director of Voices of Singapore, Mr Darius Lim, shared, "There is something truly beautiful about a child's honesty and infinite capacity to love and care. This project looks at how we as a community can come together to care for and support each other."

Ms Gail Lien-Wang, committee member of HealthServe, added, "We have seen an immense outpouring of love, care and generosity for our migrant community amidst Covid-19. We hope that this support continues beyond this period and translates into genuine inclusivity for the marginalised in our society. By involving children in this effort, we also hope to empower the voices of Singapore's next generation, as they envision a future of greater kindness, compassion and a shared humanity."


Last updated on 22 November 2019