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You’ve probably passed by them many times. But have you ever wondered about the unique places of worship of the numerous faiths that reside in Singapore – their histories and their futures?

The Bicentennial Walking Workshop Series by Singapore Heritage Society (SHS) aims to promote a deeper appreciation these buildings by sharing more about their history and significance in our heritage. With four different themed workshops, each walking trail covers heritage sites of various faiths including temples, mosques and a church. These walks provide not only historical information about the sites but also serves brings awareness to the contemporary challenges faced by the current communities that take care of these sites. In this way, the communities and intangible heritage behind these places of worship is brought to life for participants.

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Through the small group format of the walks, the project also enables participants to connect with each other regardless of their diverse backgrounds as Singaporeans or foreigners. With trained facilitators leading the discussion, the walking workshop becomes a platform for discussion and deeper understanding between participants and stakeholders.

This conversation on heritage continues beyond the walk itself as participants are able to take home their learning experiences through publications and web resources online so that they are enabled to share their learning to their friends and family.

Find out more about the walking workshops at the SHS Facebook page.

This project is in support of the NIC 10th anniversary celebrations.

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Last updated on 22 November 2019