CIF Workplace Integration Resource

About the CIF WIRe

The Community Integration Fund (CIF) Workplace Integration Resource (WIRe), is an initiative by the National Integration Council (NIC) in support of to encourage companies to initiate workplace integration efforts. Companies can tap on CIF funding by selecting and carrying out the programme options available under the themes of 1) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) volunteerism and 2) Team Bonding and Interaction.

The CIF WIRe is suitable for companies who are new to integration. Companies interested in implementing other types of programmes which can also achieve integration outcomes can consider submitting an application based on the general CIF guidelines.

For more information about the CIF, please visit this page. Projects supported under CIF WIRe are subject to CIF terms and conditions. You can also download our CIF Brochure to understand more about the CIF.

How companies will benefit from CIF WIRe

WIRe provides funding as well as programme options which companies can easily adopt to meet their workplace integration needs.

By organising these integration activities, companies will be able to provide employees opportunities for meaningful interactions with colleagues from different nationalities and backgrounds, and support them in developing open mindsets and greater inter-personal trust. These can contribute to more engaged employees, better teamwork and more positive business outcomes.

About the Initiative

The initiative is brought to you by the National Integration Working Group for Workplaces (NIWG-W), which supports the NIC in fostering inclusive and harmonious workplaces in Singapore. Comprising members from the government, industry and the unions, NIWG-W engages industry partners to raise awareness of the importance of pro-active management of employees from different cultures and nationalities.

The initiative augments on-going efforts by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) to help employers in Singapore respond effectively to the increasing diversity of our workforce.

Who is eligible?

CIF WIRe is open to companies in Singapore registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). These companies must first register a point of contact with SNEF to join the and tap on CIF WIRe. They should also ensure that they have at least 20 participants* in the proposed programme, with a good mix of local and non-local staff across different management levels.

How does it work?

Companies can tap on CIF funding by selecting and carrying out the programme options available under these themes: 

Type 1: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects

These are service-to-community activities. Companies that take up this option can be reimbursed up to 80% of the project costs, capped at $100 per head (whichever is lower). 

Type 2: Interactive or Bonding Projects

These projects aim to promote positive interactions and trust between local and non-local employees. Companies that take up this option can be reimbursed up to 60% of the project costs, capped at $100 per head (whichever is lower).

Please note that the maximum cap for WIRe funding across all Types is $30,000 per project. All funding will only be provided on reimbursement basis

Application Process

Before submitting an application, you will need to identify the CIF WIRe programme type you wish to apply for. The following diagram illustrates the process from application to reimbursement.

CIF WIRe process guide
*This could be a company’s staff or business partners who work closely with the company, but should exclude the staff’s family members and beneficiaries.


1. Can I apply for WIRe without registering a point of contact with SNEF?
No. This is mandatory for any company that wishes to apply for CIF WIRe.

2. How is the CIF WIRe different from CIF?

CIF WIRe is a special scheme suitable for companies in Singapore who are new to workplace integration programmes, or to the CIF. It provides programme options that are easy to implement, as well as clear funding perimeters and caps. Companies with innovative project ideas outside the scope or WIRe programme options may wish to apply for CIF.

3. Can a company apply for CIF and CIF WIRe at the same time? Is there a limit to the number of applications by a company?

Companies are allowed to apply for CIF and CIF WIRe at the same time, but for different projects. There is no limit to the number of applications you may submit. However, the total sum awarded to any one organisation will be taken into consideration in the application assessment.

4. What costs do WIRe funding support?

The CIF WIRe supports costs such as event management fees, catering, transportation and project management. Third-party consultancy services may not be necessary as all programme options provide suggestions for how you can conduct the programmes and what resources the company would need. For some programme portions, it is also not necessary to seek the services of a third-party consultant as you will have a partner to support the project.

5. How much can I change the programme options to suit my needs? Can I tap on CIF WIRe but propose a similar programme that also meets integration outcomes?

CIF WIRe can only support the programme options listed here.  Companies planning to conduct other integration programmes are welcome to apply for the CIF based on the fund’s general guidelines. Please note that funding under the general CIF guidelines is not guaranteed, and will depend on how well the project meets the CIF objectives. Applications for CIF that are similar to WIRe programmes options will be asked to tap on WIRe.

Please also refer to this page for the FAQs for the CIF.

How do I apply?

Please submit a CIF application form on the Our Singapore Grants portal and indicate "WIRe Type #" in the project title.

Programme Options
Please click the "CIF WIRe Programme Options" tab for available options. 

Qualifying and Non-Qualifying Costs
CIF WIRe is subject to the same Qualifying and Non-Qualifying costs as CIF.

Reimbursement Process
The grant is given on a reimbursement basis. If you are successful in your application, please submit all required documents for reimbursement within three months of the end of the project.

Reimbursement will be computed based on actual income and qualifying expenditure. For CIF WIRe, the final amount you will receive will be the lower of the following, capped at the maximum approved funding of $30,000 per project:

a) 80% of qualifying costs for Type 1 projects and 60% of qualifying costs for Type 2 projects;
b) $100/participant

Funds will be disbursed within a month after the satisfactory submission of all required documents for reimbursement and clarification.

CIF WIRe Programme Options

The CIF WIRe's programme options are available in two types, Type 1 (CSR) and Type 2 (Bonding and Interaction). Companies should pick one option from only one Type. 

Type 1 (CSR) Programme Options
Programmes from

Companies will choose a suitable project from to sign up with your local and non-local staff. A list of recommended projects are also provided.

- Some costs for food, transport and misc items.
- CIF WIRe support: 80% of costs capped at $100/pax or $30,000 whichever is lower.

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Companies who sign up for HeritageCares will be paired with participants from a suitable Social Service Organisation (SSO), on programmes at NHB’s Museums and Heritage Institutions.

- Suitable for 10 - 40 pax.
- Some costs for food, transport and entrance fees to museums.
- CIF WIRe support: 80% of costs capped at $100/pax or $30,000 whichever is lower.

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 Programmes from RSVP's Corporate Partnership

Companies who choose this CIF WIRe Programme Option will partner RSVP Singapore in its Corporate Partnership programmes to execute meaningful CSR projects for beneficiaries and to inspire their employees to serve the needs of the community.

- Programmes will cost between $1,500 to $3,000.
- CIF WIRe support: 80% of costs capped at $100/pax or $30,000 whichever is lower.

In response to MOH's advisory on COVID-19, RSVP will be postponing all of its CSR events until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

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Type 2 (Bonding and Interaction) Programme Options

Currently not available.

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