National Integration Working Groups

The National Integration Council (NIC) provides strategic direction to programmes devised by four National Integration Working Groups (NIWGs) set up according to key touch-points – Community, Schools, Workplace, Media – in fostering social integration among Singaporeans, immigrants and foreigners. Each NIWG is supported by secretariats from the respective Ministries and chaired by the Permanent Secretaries of those Ministries.

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY)


National Integration Council Secretariat (NICS)



The wider community in which Singaporeans, immigrants and foreigners live offers numerous interaction opportunities. As greater interaction promotes mutual understanding and the formation of friendships, we encourage all newcomers to actively participate in the community to widen their local social networks.

The National Integration Working Group for Community (NIWG-Community), supported by the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth (MCCY) seeks to bring together Singaporeans, immigrants as well as foreigners in the community, through different platforms and shared interests such as sports, arts and volunteerism.

NIWG-Community works closely with key community stakeholders such as grassroots organisations, clans and associations, voluntary welfare organisations, as well as self-help groups to develop innovative and sustainable ground-up integration initiatives. It also provides both networking and resource support to stakeholders.

Members of the work group are:

Name Designation 
Ms Tan Gee Keow
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, and Chairman, National Integration Working Group for Community
Mr Lim Hock Yu Chief Executive Director, People's Association
Ms Karen Chong Snr Director (Housing), Ministry of National Development
Mr Esa Han Hsien Masood Chief Executive, Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura
Mr Raja Segar Chief Executive Officer, Hindu Endowments Board
Dr William Wan General Secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement
Ms Chang Hwee Nee Chief Executive Officer, National Heritage Board (NHB)
Ms Khee Shihui Programme Director, Common Ground Pte Ltd
Ms Melissa Kwee Chief Executive Officer, National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)
Dr Leong Chan Hoong Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Policy Studies
Ms Anuradha Shroff President, Indian Women's Association
Mr Phua Kiah Mai Deputy Secretary General, Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations
Mr David Chua CEO, National Youth Council (NYC)
Ms Shahrany Hassan Founder & Director, Legal Matters
Mrs Luz Mesenas President, Filipino Association Singapore
Mr Low Sze Wee  CEO, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC)


Schools and educational institutions are natural platforms for integration as they provide opportunities for our children to study and play together regardless of their nationalities. These opportunities exist both in and out of the classroom, ranging from group work to various co-curricular activities.

The National Integration Working Group for Schools (NIWG-Schools), supported by the Ministry of Education (MOE), partners schools and educational institutions to promote the interaction and integration of students, regardless of their nationalities. In addition to promoting opportunities for friendships between local and international students, the NIWG-Schools also nurtures a culture of mutual respect and understanding among the students. A diverse and well-integrated student body enriches our students’ schooling experience, and enables them to develop their cross-cultural skills which will be essential for them to thrive in a diverse workforce and community.

NIWG-Schools’ publication, “Integration in Singapore Schools: A Best Practices Package” (PDF, 3.94 MB), which introduces some of the key integration initiatives in our schools and educational institutions, serves as a guide for others in implementing their own integration programmes.

Members of the work group are:

Name Designation
Mr Lai Chung Han              Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Chairperson, National Integration Working Group for Schools
Mr Lim Boon Wee Deputy Secretary (Services), Ministry of Education
Ms Lim Huay Chih Divisional Director, Student Placement and Services Division, Ministry of Education
Ms Jan Chua  Coordinating Divisional Director, Higher Education Group, Ministry of Education
Mr Kenneth Lee Director, Humanities. Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education
Mr Puvan Ariaratnam 
Director, Character and Citizenship Education, Student Development Curriculum Division, Ministry of Education
Prof Ling San Vice President and Provost, Nanyang Technological University
Ms Looi Mei Foong Deputy Principal, Ngee Ann Polytechnic


Singapore’s workforce is inherently diverse. Employees from different nationalities and cultures often work together in the same organisation, and carry with them unique strengths, capabilities and knowledge. Organisations can harness the strengths of such a diverse workforce by putting in place diversity management policies and practices which can encourage workplace integration. Specifically, employers should provide employees of different backgrounds with opportunities to interact in and outside of workplace, and help non-locals understand Singapore’s work culture and social norms. This improved employee engagement can help foster a more harmonious and productive workforce and positively contribute to business performance.

The National Integration Working Group for Workplaces (NIWG-Workplaces) engages partners in various industries to foster inclusive and harmonious workplaces.  This involves raising awareness of the importance and benefits of being culturally sensitive, identifying workplace initiatives that support diversity management practices, and enhancing employers’ capabilities to effectively manage their diverse workforce.

To help organisations do this, a Workplace Diversity Management toolkit was developed. The kit includes a self-assessment tool to evaluate companies’ state of diversity management and contains examples of initiatives that they could introduce to foster workplace harmony. The toolkit also contains a guide for managers to be more effective in understanding and managing diverse teams.

Members of the work group are:

Name Designation
Mr Aubeck Kam Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Manpower and Chairman, National Integration Working Group for Workplaces
Mr Jerry Seah Director, Centre for Effective Workplaces, Singapore National Employer’s Federation
Ms Tracey Ho Director, Atticus Consulting
Mr Mayank Parekh CEO, Institute for Human Resource Professionals
Ms Renata Janini Dohmen Senior Vice President, HR, SAP
Ms Jocelyn Chan HR Director, Aspial Corporation 
Ms Peta Latimer CEO, Mercer & Hon Secretary, AmCham           
Dr Bicky Bhangra Group President - SE Asia, Pacific & South Korea, Rolls Royce & Dy President, SMF & President, BritCham
Ms Linda Zhong Senior Director, HR, Cognizant 
Mr Teo Hua Leong Assistant General Treasurer, Building Construction and Timber Industries Employees’ Union
Mr Arshad Ismail General Secretary, Education Services Union


The media plays an important role in fostering greater mutual understanding and respect between the increasingly diverse communities in Singapore.  It is also a platform to raise awareness of the importance of integration and ground up efforts in this area.

The National Integration Working Group for Media (NIWG-Media), supported by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), works closely with various partners to leverage various media platforms such as news publications, television/radio talk-shows, and social media to maximise outreach and highlight the importance of mutual understanding, co-operation and community spirit. It also helps to promote learning and appreciation of other races as well as nationalities.

Some of NIWG-Media’s initiatives include Project Lapis Sagu, Singapore’s first crowdsourced short film anthology on social integration; Steady Lah!, a reality TV series that poses challenges to foreigners on well they have adapted to Singaporean way of life; and Make It Better, an online influencer-led campaign that promotes positive attitudes towards diversity.

Name Designation
Ms Yong Ying-I Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communications and Information and Chairperson, National Integration Working Group for Media
Mr Joseph Leong 2 Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communications and Information and Advisor to the National Integration Working Group for Media
Mr Janadas Devan Chief of Government Communications, Ministry of Communications and Information and Advisor to the National Integration Working Group for Media
Mr Jimmy Toh Deputy Chief of Government Communications (Operations) and Senior Director (Public Communications), Ministry of Communications and Information
Ms Soffy Hariyanti Abdul Rahim
Director, Campaigns & Production, Ministry of Communications and Information
Mr Ho Ka Wei
Director, Corporate Communications, Prime Minister's Office-Strategy Group
Mr Gary Low Director, Corporate Communications, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
Mr Clarence Chang Divisional Director, Corporate Communications, Ministry of Education
Ms Ho Moon Shin Director, Corporate Communications, Ministry of Manpower
Ms Ooi Hui Mei  Group Director, Communications Cluster, People's Association
Ms Lim Weilin Director, Corporate Communications, Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ms Han Yong May Editor, Chinese Media Group NewsHub, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd
Ms Tan Lek Hwa Chief Editor, English Current Affairs, Mediacorp
Mr Royston Sim  Assistant Political Editor, The Straits Times, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd 
Mr Muhammad Nazri Hadi Saparin  Assistant to Editor, Berita Harian, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd
Mr N Gunalan   Deputy Chief Editor, Tamil News and Current Affairs, Mediacorp
Ms Sabariah Ramilan Head, Malay Audience and Productions & Head, Eaglevision, Mediacorp
Mr Martino Tan Deputy Managing Director & Managing Editor,

Last updated on 23 December 2020