Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 4.22.35 PM is a digital project created to promote understanding of one of Singapore's most misunderstood festival - Zhong Yuan festival, also known as 'hungry ghost' festival. Zhong Yuan is known for its highly visible practices like burning offerings and getai performances every year, which can be seen as disruptive in the neighbourhood. Hence, the festival may have a negative reputation to non-locals and non-devotees. is an interactive website created to promote a greater understanding of Zhong Yuan, such as the festival's values such as filial piety, respect, and empathy. Through interactive features such as games and videos, the website showcases all aspects of local traditions of the festival from paper offerings, auction dinners to getai, and Chinese opera.

The project also ran a multilingual digital outreach campaign featuring a series of educational videos and posters to create awareness. Throughout the campaign, the project also featured insights from Zhong Yuan insiders as well as the perspectives of the broader population to create conversations about how devotees and non-devotees can reach a common understanding. 

Amidst COVID-19, the project serves as a common platform for locals to celebrate the festival as well as for non-locals to get to know the local traditions in an accessible and entertaining way.

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Last updated on 22 November 2019